The All By Itself Pathway


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"Every believer can put into practice everything that is essential for growing a healthy church—immediately and without needing anyone else’s permission." Christian A. Schwarz

The All By Itself Pathway invites you into a 90-minute encounter with Christian A. Schwarz, the founder and head of the Institute for Natural Church Development (NCD). Christian will reduce the discoveries of two decades of research in tens of thousands of churches to a handful of personal action steps. While countless churches have implemented individual aspects of Natural Church Development, the majority have yet to discover the strategic key that Christian calls the All By Itself Pathway—consistently living in line with the unique gifts, energies, and resources that God has already granted you and your church.

How can your church grow in quality and quantity
regardless of unfavorable circumstances in society?

How can you have the greatest impact on your church
regardless of your level of responsibility?

How can you maximize your fruitfulness in all areas of life
regardless of your present starting point?

What's in the book?
Compact full colour 96 page booklet

  • Preface: Church—that’s me
  • The real obstacles to church growth
  • Qualities of growing churches
    —or vital patterns of behavior?
  • The benefit of a principle-oriented approach
  • The eight qualities of growing churches
  • Quality 1: Empowerment
    Quality 2: Gift-activation
    Quality 3: Passion
    Quality 4: Effectiveness
    Quality 5: Inspiration
    Quality 6: Community
    Quality 7: Need-relief
    Quality 8: Love

  • Decline is not a destiny
  • Releasing “all by itself” growth
  • Transforming energies
  • What the three colors are all about
  • What is your decisive point?
  • What is your job—and what is God’s?
  • What each of us can do—right away
  • Principles and tools
  • Invite others into your discovery

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