Natural Church Development


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Would you like someone on your team to explore the background and principles of Natural Church Development?

How does this book help you?

  • The basis of NCD's research into more than 45,000 churches is explained
  • Key findings behind each of the 8 quality characteristics are explained
  • The cycle of church development between what God does and what we do is presented
  • Foundations upon which the minimum factor principle sits are outlined

What's in the book?

Introduction: (including)...

  • What is Natural Church Development?
  • The "all by itself" principle

Part 1: Eight quality characteristics (including)...

  • Demythologising church growth
  • The international research project
  • The eight quality characteristics
  • Are large churches "good" churches?

Part 2: The minimum factor (including)...

  • Focusing our energies
  • The minimum barrel
  • Parallels from agriculture
  • Beware of "models!"

Part 3: Six growth forces (including)...

  • Technocratic or natural?
  • The six growth forces
  • Learning to think naturally

Part 4: A new paradigm (including)...

  • Balanced images in the Bible
  • The effect of wrong paradigms
  • Can we "make" a church grow?

Part 5: The NCD Growth Spiral (including)...

  • Information, application, transformation
  • The six phases of the cycle
  • An ongoing process
  • Church growth in the power of the Holy Spirit

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