The 3 Colors of Leadership


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Don't tackle today's challenges with yesterday's leadership tools.

How does this book help you?

  • The Empowerment Test will help you discover and maximise your hidden leadership potential.
  • Six wing traits focus you on the principles that will stoke the fire in others.
  • Spiritual Change Talk will turn your routine tasks into moments of empowerment.

"Why is it mandatory that we tackle the global leadership crisis and that every reader of this book contribute to this goal by allowing his or her hidden potential to be unlocked? When talking to representatives of both Christian and secular organizations, I constantly hear that most of the difficulties they face are related to leadership issues. This manifests itself in...

  • lacking leaders (not enough),
  • inadequately trained leaders (not empowered), or
  • leaders that simply don‘t do what would be the most important thing for them to do (not empowering).

If this is the situation, we have to do something about it. What our world desperately needs in order to face the challenges of the future, are more empowered leaders who can empower others. Courageous people who are willing and able to stoke the fire in others by turning everyday encounters into moments of empowerment. If together we can make this happen, it will dramatically impact upon the greatest challenges in your world and mine."

What's in the book?

A bookmark with a code giving you direct access to the online Empowerment Test.

Chapter 1: Are you a leader?—don‘t assume the answer...

  • Empowering—or only powerful?
  • A radical change of perspective
  • The three dimensions of leadership
  • NCD Davids—the true movers and shakers

Chapter 2: The 6 wing traits—key to empowerment...

  • The Empowerment Test
  • The two wings of vision
  • The two wings of experimentation
  • The two wings of capacity
  • The two wings of strategy
  • The two wings of training
  • The two wings of progression

Chapter 3: Spiritual Change Talk— empowering conversations...

  • What spiritual change talk is all about
  • The art of empowering future leaders

144 page full colour participant's workbook

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