The 3 Colors of Love


Would you like to see a biblical, practical, deeper form of love transform the relationships in your world?

How does this participant's workbook help you?

  • The fruit of the Spirit Test will help you and your friends discover the ways in which you reflect God's love and the ways in which He is not seen so clearly in your life
  • The study on full biblical love will help restore aspects of it in your heart and mind that are all but forgotten in much of the world today
  • Practical personal and church-wide exercises will help you to grow in the most important thing... love

What's in the book?
"Love. it is one of the most central words of Christian theology, and yet one of the foggiest words on planet earth. Many Christians who use this term communicate a clearly secular understanding rather than a fully biblical concept. Sometimes it almost seems that as Christians we haven't even really begun to grasp the full scope of the biblical concept of love, let alone put it into practice. But what is the biblical understanding of love?" Christian A. Schwarz

Chapter 1: What are the three colours of love...

  • The love deficiencies in our churches
  • Misconceptions of love
  • God is love
  • God is light
  • What is darkness?
  • Practicing love means reflecting God's light
  • Model for Justice: James
  • Model for Truth: John
  • Model for Grace: Paul
  • Love can be learned
  • Your personal growth process

Chapter 2: How to reflect God's love...

  • Understanding the fruit of the Spirit
  • 1 Corinthians 13 and the spiritual color wheel
  • The Fruit of the Spirit test
  • The fruit of patience: Enduring love
  • The fruit of joy: Rejoicing love
  • The fruit of peace: Reconciling love
  • The fruit of faithfulness: Reliable love
  • The fruit of goodness: Correcting love
  • The fruit of kindness: Amiable love
  • The fruit of self-control: Disciplined love
  • The fruit of gentleness: Humble love

Chapter 3: Twelve exercises that can revolutionise your life
Chapter 4: Eight exercises to transform your church into an oasis of love

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