The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality


Would you like to feel free to express your faith according to your God-given style?

How does this participant's workbook help you?

  • The Spiritual Style Test will identify your personal "antenna" to God
  • Stories of vastly different spiritual mentors will strengthen you in your native style and challenge you about your opposite style
  • Practical personalised disciplines will move you toward a fuller experience of God

"Has anyone ever asked you about your personal spiritual style? Has anyone ever offered to support you in exactly that area, the area of your strongest receptiveness for the divine? Or has it been your experience that most Christians are so focused on their own approach to God that they believe it is the right one, or at least the best one, for everyone else?
Over the past years, in the context of my ministry, I have communicated with thousands of Christians, quite personally with some of them. However, until two years ago nobody ever asked me, 'Christian, what is your personal spiritual style? How could I help you to grow in that area?' The reason this changed two years ago is rather trivial. You see, I have spoken so much about spiritual styles of late that it is only natural for people to become curious about my own spiritual style."
Christian A. Schwarz

What's in the book?
Part 1: God's truth, goodness, and beauty: The heart of spiritual passion...

  • Nine ways to encounter God
  • What is your spiritual language?
  • The Jesus rule
  • The Spiritual Style Test

Part 2: Level A growth: Discover your spiritual style...

  • What all styles have in common
  • The sensory style: Enjoying the works of God
  • The rational style: Understanding the nature of God
  • The doctrinal style: Thinking correctly about God
  • The Scripture-driven style: Applying the Word of God
  • The sharing style: Passing on the grace of God
  • The ascetic style: Developing discipline for God
  • The enthusiastic style: Celebrating the power of God
  • The mystical style: Resting in the presence of God
  • The sacramental style: Expressing the incarnation of God

Part 3: Level B growth: Explore your opposite pole...

  • Don't worship your style
  • Level B and the "dark night of the soul"
  • 28 days of discipline
  • How spiritual mentoring can help you grow
  • Change is possible

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