Color Your World with NCD


Would you like your leadership team to better understand the principles and process behind a naturally developing church?

How does this book help you?

  • The reading guide and discussion questions will take your team on a 5 week journey of discovery together
  • You will discover how Natural Church Development helps you and your church mature
  • The Trinitarian Compass will guide you to all that God has in store for you
  • You will learn more about what lies behind your church's NCD Survey results including the 8 quality characteristics

What's in the book?
"What is the church? The church is people. What determines the health of the church? The health of the heads, hands, and hearts of those people. How can we enhance the health of a church? By enhancing the health in our heads, hands, and hearts." Christian A. Schwarz

Chapter 1: Explore the second chapter of NCD...

  • Your dream church
  • Startling results from 70 countries
  • Natural Church Development and spiritual unity
  • Why we need to learn from other cultures
  • Who is your hero: David or Goliath?
  • Why all of us need to check our "spiritual glasses"

Chapter 2: The Trinitarian Compass...

  • My personal "trinitarian pilgrimage"
  • You can reflect God's light
  • How God communicates with you
  • Why Christianity is in such a bad state today
  • The NCD Color Profile
  • Your spiritual road map

Chapter 3: The Principles...

  • Understanding “all by itself” growth
  • You can reflect God's light
  • Six growth forces
  • Eight quality characteristics
  • How to apply these principles

Chapter 4: The Minimum Factor...

  • Learning from a potted plant
  • Minimum factors of denominations
  • Minimum factors of whole cultures
  • Why I like to disappoint expectations

Chapter 5: The Tools...

  • “Do we really need these tools?”
  • NCD Discipleship Resources
  • NCD International

Chapter 6: Your Starting Point...

  • Strive for balance in your own life
  • Invest in a more balanced church
  • Your next step

5 week reading guide

192 page full colour book

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